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What To Do On Your First Craft Service Gig in Hollywood

We all know that you want to be a big Hollywood star, or a writer, or a director. That’s wonderful and you should pursue that dream with your heart and soul. However, the worst mistake you can make is to sit in your apartment waiting for someone to discover you. What you should be doing is getting out there and working on sets, not only seeing how it’s done from all areas of the work, but also making contacts and meeting people are doing what you want to be doing and could actually help you. So you may find yourself at the bottom of the totem pole working as a craft service guy. So what – that’s great experience and even great money sometimes! Here’s how to show great initiative and do amazing on your first craft service gig.


It’s tough to know what to buy when you’re given a $1000 budget for 5 days. What is going to go fastest, what’s the thing you need that you haven’t thought of and what is going to be less popular than you might think? First and foremost, you can never have enough water. Water is cheap and water is important and it’s the only thing that you can actually get fired for if you run out of it. So make sure to load up on water, lots of water. It’s also perfectly fine to have leftover water as that can be used either for your next gig or you and the crew can take it home.


You also need to have some fruit but don’t go overboard. Everyone has good intentions of eating fruit but when push comes to shove and it’s the 14th hour and you’re just eating because you’re bored, you don’t reach for that brownish banana, you grab and handful of M&M’s or a few peanut butter cups. It’s only human nature and you don’t want to have too much healthful food and not enough junk food. You should definitely go to Smart & Final and do your shopping there if you don’t have a CostCo card, that’s a place where you can save money on bulk goods for set.


Now you may be thinking that with all this food and gear you need (coffee makers, bins, paper goods) you can’t possibly fit all of that in your little sedan. Well, you’re right. But the answer is not to skimp on things like water, but you can actually go to avon hollywood and rent a truck or a van for super cheap. See their prices online at It’s actually very likely you can either use your budget or get a few extra bucks from the production company itself for this cost. You may be afraid to ask, but recognizing a need and being upfront about it actually shows good qualities in you: ability to predict accurately what you need for the gig, and the willingness to speak up for your needs.

The bottom line is showing initiative and forethought and being agreeable, nice and amenable, are all traits that will help you succeed at Crafty and then in each next role as you move up the ladder.