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Water under the (world’s longest) bridges

Water under the (world's longest) bridgesWhat would life be without bridges? Arguably some of humankind’s greatest architectural innovations, bridges have managed to easily connect two different places. In the process they have effectively done away with long land-based routes and arduous journeys just to get from Point A to Point B.

Today, bridges still serve their same basic function. However, today’s modern bridges aren’t just the usual slabs of steel and concrete standing in between two destinations. Instead, they have become architectural and engineering feats — mega-structures that defy conventional knowledge and test the limits of the human imagination.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the sight and consequent use of the world’s longest bridges. These structures are, in a sense, the fulfillment of a bold vision, which is doubtlessly essential in fostering economic and cultural growth.

Here are some of the world’s longest bridges:

1. Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge (China)

As of 2011, the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge is officially the world’s longest bridge according to Guinness World Records. With a total length of 164,800 meters, it was opened in 2010 to service high-speed Shanghai-bound trains. It’s one of the three bridges in China that currently dominate the list of the world’s longest bridges. That’s one hell of a lot of road paint and tarmac!

2. Tianjin Grand Bridge (China)

Opened in 2008 in time for the Beijing Summer Olympics, the Tianjin Grand Bridge measures 113,700 meters from end to end. It is used to service high-speed trains. It’s part of the infrastructure boom that marked China’s massive progress as a global economic and political giant.

3. Weihe Grand Bridge (China)

Like the two preceding bridges on the list, the Weihe Grand Bridge is used for high-speed trains. It used to be the longest bridge at 79,732 meters when it was first used in 2008.

4. Bang Na Expressway (Thailand)

This viaduct that cuts through Thailand was the world’s longest bridge when it was opened in 2000 until the honor was snatched by China’s Weihe Grand Bridge in 2008. The Bang Na Expressway has a total length of 54,000 meters.

5. Beijing Grand Bridge (China)

At 48,153 meters, the Beijing Grand Bridge is the fifth longest bridge in the world. It was opened in 2010 to service high-speed trains.

6. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (USA)

Among the longest bridges on the list, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the US is certainly the oldest. Completed in 1956, this 38,442-meter long bridge is used primarily as a highway.

7. Manchac Swamp Bridge (USA)

Considered as the longest toll-free road bridge in the world, the Manchac Swamp Bridge in the US was inaugurated in 1979. It measures 36,710 meters from one end to the other.

8. Yangcun Bridge (China)

Here’s yet another Chinese bridge that makes it to the list of the world’s longest bridges. With a length of 35,812 meters, the Yangcun Bridge is used for high-speed rails. It was opened in 2007.

Bridges, no matter their length, are useful in making transportation of people and goods much easier and more convenient. They are, without a doubt, critical in spurring a country’s growth and development.

Protect your Fuel Cards from Expiry

Fuel cards are being increasingly used across Europe for paying up the fuel costs. Be it in Great Britain or Germany, fuel cards or the tankkarten (as they are known in Germany) have become a smart payment option for business’s fuel costs.

Most business owners are aware of the fact that fuel cards are much like credit cards and they will offer all the functionality that a credit card has to offer, with the exception that purchases are limited to fuel alone. Fuel cards come with an expiry date and on most occasions these cards come for an annual term. So, a fuel card bought today will work until the same date next year. Which brings us to the important point about the expiry of fuel cards.

Protect your Fuel Cards from Expiry

Fuel card resellers and suppliers in UK provide important notifications to ensure that you renew the fuel cards before they expire. Some fuel cards may come at a charge of £6 per card while others may cost up as much as £18 too. Renewing the fuel cards in time means that you agree to pay the card charge and get a new fuel card. This also means that the actual card will come with a new date and you will get to physically use a new fuel card. The entire process of renewing a fuel card is simple, but it does take time to complete the entire process.

In most cases, a fuel card renewal may take up to 6 weeks. Some suppliers are able to send these sooner, but we advise our clients to renew their business fuel cards ahead of the expiry date. Initiating the renewal process 3 months or 12 weeks before the expiry date is the recommended best practice when it comes to renewal of soon to expire fuel cards.

For those businesses whose fuel cards have expired, it basically means that they will be unable to use the card to fill-up until they get a new fuel card. Effectively, such business may be out of fuel card usage for as long as 12 weeks. For someone who has become used to filling-up through a fuel card, 12 weeks is an awful long time. It becomes all the more difficult if your accountants have become used to working on the VAT complaint fuel card invoices to key-in the fuel costs.

6 Ideas to find the very best Auto technician

6 Ideas to find the very best Auto technician6 Ideas to find an ideal Auto technician for you personally

Anyone who enjoys their own vehicle understands the actual anxiousness a person undergo whenever needing to consider your vehicle towards the repair center. Not only your money can buy you’ll have to invest however for time your automobile is going to be within the store prior to it’s set and you will have it back again.

Before you decide to depart your vehicle in a mechanic’s storage, looking is essential to find an expert which understands how you can get the job done correct. Additionally you wish to discover somebody that’s enthusiastic regarding vehicles, is actually pleasant as well as expert, as well as does not cost a good equip along with a lower-leg in order to complete the job.

Listed here are 6 ideas to getting a auto technician that’s befitting a person!

1. REQUEST your family and friends who they’d suggest.

There’s nothing such as ‘Word associated with Mouth’ marketing through individuals you know, such as, as well as believe in. Particularly through people with really SKILLED what ever it’s you’ll want to understand, for example, that is the greatest Auto technician they might suggest.

If you cannot request other people personally or even through telephone, request your pals upon social networking systems such as Myspace.

It certainly is great to understand in the event that somebody experienced an excellent or perhaps a not great encounter.

May be the auto technician out-going or even impolite? Educated or even absence encounter? Outfitted in order to support your vehicle or even tend to be these people in a position to carry out their own work within obtaining a person back again on the highway properly once again on time?

two. Locate a Professional.

There are several technicians which generalize and therefore are Excellent. After that, there are several which focus as well as understand your vehicle such as the back again of the hands, like the help to make, design, motor, and so on.,

REQUEST when the auto technician understands as well as knows the actual help to make as well as type of your vehicle. Discover in the event that you will find any kind of recognized difficulties with vehicles such as your own.

3. Check the actual Auto technician Very first.

If at all possible, check the actual auto technician away along with small maintenance very first prior to getting your automobile set for main maintenance.

By doing this, you will get an over-all concept on the methods. This can additionally assist all of them obtain knowledge of the automobile with regard to long term research.

An additional valid reason to get this done will be regarded as the faithful client as well as much better recognized through all of them. You might be handled much better like a normal client than simply somebody that’s a unfamiliar person for their company.

four. Search for Car Restore Stores which have lots of constant company.

When you attend the storage as well as discover that there’s a continuing circulation associated with vehicles moving in as well as appearing out of store, they are most likely an established organization.

Not just might they’ve lots of encounter, however they tend to be obviously trustworthy through many people to possess this type of higher turn-around associated with vehicles to repair.

5. Investigation the actual part(s) must be set.

Once the auto technician is actually trying to explain to a person that you’ll require a particular component or even components, it certainly is great to understand around you are able to about this.

It is also great to understand when the component is actually brand new or even utilized. Whether it’s utilized, it is better still to understand if your utilized component has been pawned away for you like a brand new component.

6. Examine the actual Hygiene as well as Business from the Storage.

It certainly is great to understand the way the company is actually operate. If it’s untidy as well as disorganized, after that how can you realize that they will deal with your vehicle much better?

You’ll need a thoroughly clean as well as structured Car Repair center simply because you will realize that these people consider satisfaction within their function, as well as will probably together with your vehicle, too.

Utilizing these types of 6 ideas within choosing the best auto technician for you personally can help you hugely.

In the end, you do not wish to depart your child in order to simply anybody to deal with.

Not only any kind of ‘doctor’ might perform with regards to repairing any kind of ‘disease’ your own ‘Automobile’ may be coping with.

Best of luck as well as pleased car!

Along with these wonderful tips, you would definitely like to know things to avoid when visiting car garage. These tips will help you avoid annoying the mechanic asking silly questions & expecting miracles.

The actual TVR 420SE as well as 420SEAC Sports vehicle

The actual TVR 420SE as well as 420SEAC Sports vehicleOverview of The actual TVR 420SE as well as 420SEAC Sports vehicle, addressing improvement, essential functions, as well as specialized information of the traditional vehicle.

Through Traditional in order to Contemporary:

The actual TVR 420SE

Within 1986, the actual TVR 420SE had been launched, as well as driven through the 4228 closed circuit, Rover EFI V8 motor, that created three hundred bhp from 5500 rpm, as well as 290 ft/lbs associated with torque from 4500 rpm.

Essentially, this particular design had been while using four. two litre V8 motor like a check mattress for that much more intense 420SEAC version that, among additional adjustments, utilized a lot wilder camshafts.

Through 1987, whenever manufacturing finished, just 7 models of the version had been constructed.

The actual TVR 420SEAC

Within 1986, the actual TVR 420SEAC premiered, as well as had been thought to be the actual peak from the sand wedge formed TVR.

Actually, this symbolized the ultimate section within the sand wedge style idea.

It had been driven through the exact same motor because utilized in the actual 420SE, as well as experienced similar energy result, however much more amazing overall performance.

The actual image “SEAC” known the truth that this particular version experienced a unique Gear Aramid Amalgamated physiology, that designed which a minimum of 20 % from the entire body contains extremely sophisticated kevlar as well as 80% fibreglass, in contrast to other wedges which were 100% fibreglass.

Due to manufacturing problems with this particular hi-tech make up, just the very first 8 in order to 10 models contains 100% kevlar physiques, the residual models getting merely a 20% kevlar content material.

The objective of the actual kevlar had been to do something like a encouragement materials that designed which, regarding the actual 420SEAC, your body pounds had been decreased through more than two hundred lbs without having it’s stiffness becoming jeopardized.

This particular pounds preserving experienced the serious impact on it’s overall performance so that, in contrast to the actual 420SE, the very best pace elevated in order to 165 mph, and also the 0-60 mph period had been decreased in order to four. 7 secs.

In addition, using kevlar within the 420SEAC symbolized a global very first for any manufacturing street vehicle.

The actual drawback associated with this type of amalgamated framework had been this version offered with regard to two times around a typical 350i.

When it comes to exterior look, the actual 420SEAC had been distinguishable through it’s big back spoiler, and also the curved nasal area area.

This particular version had been 7 in . smaller as well as two in . broader compared to 390SE, as well as carried an enormous “tea tray” spoiler in the back to maintain which finish lower from higher pace.

Within 1988, whenever manufacturing finished, an overall total associated with thirty seven models have been constructed, which nineteen had been manufactured in this particular last 12 months.

Which exact same 12 months, it had been changed through the four. 5 litre, V8 engined 450SEAC, that grew to become the actual leading SEAC version.

Manufacturing of the version finished within 1990, along with just eighteen models getting already been constructed.

Numerous respect the actual 400-Series because not just the very best searching from the sand wedge formed vehicles, but additionally the very best with regard to quality.

This particular represents the finish associated with my personal Overview of the actual TVR 420SE as well as 420SEAC sports vehicle.

I’ll be critiquing in certain fine detail, within long term content articles in this web site, the whole selection of TVR sports activities vehicles that have been showcased within the unforgettable period comprising 1946 in order to 2000+

I really hope a person sign up for me personally during my Evaluations.

The actual TVR 400SE as well as 400SX Sports vehicle

The actual TVR 400SE as well as 400SX Sports vehicleOverview of The actual TVR 400SE as well as 400SX Sports vehicle, addressing improvement, essential functions, as well as specialized information of the traditional vehicle.

Through Traditional in order to Contemporary:

The actual TVR 400SE

Within 1988, the actual TVR 400SE premiered, as well as had been much the same, in most values in addition to the motor, in order to it’s forerunner, the actual 390SE.

Nevertheless, 1 essential aspect had been how the 400SE symbolized the finish from the sand wedge form design, using the final of those vehicles becoming built-in past due 1991.

It had been driven with a bigger Rover V8 motor, this time around elevated through 3905 closed circuit in order to 3948 closed circuit.

This created 275 bhp from 5500 rpm, as well as 270 ft/lbs associated with torque from 3500 rpm, that created a high pace associated with 145 mph, the 0-60 mph period associated with 5. 6 secs, along with a 0-100 mph period associated with fourteen. 8 secs.

Your body design had been according to the actual 390SE Sequence two, also it maintained the actual curved nasal area area, and also the big aerofoil in the back situated underneath the entire body,

The actual hood had been right now vented, along with a big spoiler had been suited to the trunk.

Nevertheless, the actual living of the big tranny canal restricted room around the actual footwell.

In addition, the actual existence of the large motor inside a fibreglass entire body triggered the inside from the log cabin to stay unduly warm.

Nevertheless, it was a lot more than paid out with regard to through the scintillating speed as well as flourishing wear out seem.

Right now, vented entrance disk brakes as well as 15 in . tires had been regular gear, although energy guiding, at first a good optionally available additional had been, afterwards, an ordinary fitment.

The actual TVR 400SX

Within 1989, the actual version TVR 400SX had been launched like a heir towards the 350SX.

This showcased exactly the same motor since the 400SE, however with the help of the Sprintex Supercharger, through DPR Rushing.

Even though precise result numbers weren’t obtainable, they’d be equivalent using the 350SX, that created a rise associated with 30%+ more than which made by the actual 350SE.

The actual supercharged version had been mentioned with regard to generating a great middle variety energy rise.

Chances are, because had been the situation using the 350SX, which just a number of this particular version had been actually constructed.

The actual TVR 430SE

Within 1991, the actual TVR 430SE had been revealed in the Luton Engine Display of this 12 months.

It had been driven through the 4280 closed circuit Rover V8 motor which may additionally utilized in the actual TVR Griffith, the design because of with regard to discharge within 1992.

This created 280 bhp from 5500 rpm, as well as 305 ft/lbs associated with torque from four thousand rpm. Regrettably, absolutely no additional overall performance numbers had been obtainable.

Just 3 models from the 430SE had been actually constructed, just about all within 1991.

All these variations had been depending on the fibreglass entire body suited to an area body framework, as the 2 seater convertible, as well as utilizing a 5 pace gearbox, along with 4 steering wheel impartial suspension.

This particular represents the finish associated with my personal Overview of the actual TVR 400SE as well as 400SX sports vehicle.

I’ll be critiquing, in certain fine detail, within long term content articles in this web site, the whole selection of TVR sports activities vehicles that have been showcased within the unforgettable period comprising 1946 in order to 2000+.

I really hope a person sign up for me personally during my nostalgic moves “down sports vehicle storage lane”.