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Making Car Expenses Inexpensive

Through many long and short treks across this crazy world, your car has been a loyal companion. It has been good to you. Now, it is time that you give it the tender care that it deserves, with a little more maintenance.

Keeping your car running can cost you thousands a year. Unfortunately, some automobile expenses are unavoidable. However, you can find ways to save on them. Here is how:

Buy Fuel Gift Cards in Bulk

Every car owner knows how expensive gas prices have become. Traveling around to find the best gas deals may defeat the purpose of trying to save on gas: you use up too much of it on your search.

Stop searching for gas stations with the best price. Instead, find ways to maximize your dollar. Do this by buying gift cards in bulk. Choose between the traditional route of buying VISA or American Express gift cards, or buy cards specifically for your nearest gas station chain.

The biggest perk of buying gift cards in bulk is that you pay less than the actual value. For example, you may only pay forty dollars for a fifty dollar gift card. Stores like eBay, Costco, and Sam’s Club specialize in selling things in bulk, including gift cards. Sam’s Club also offers coupons that allow you to get an even bigger discount.

The savings might not be astronomical, but every little counts.

Use Coupons for Car Parts and Accessories

Even the most meticulous car owner eventually needs to replace a car part or two. It is expensive to repair or replace a car part. Luckily, coupons were designed just for such an occasion.

Advance Auto Parts has stores nationwide, which makes it the perfect retail giant to find auto parts discounts. Advance Auto Parts advertises some of its deals right on their site. Other discounts from the store can be found on Groupon. You maximize the bang for your buck with these coupons.

Do it Yourself Oil Change

Luckily, the internet can teach you almost anything. Therefore, even if you are just learning the basics to car maintenance, you can learn how to change your oil. Pick up the supplies that you need to change it. Next, read either an in-depth article on oil changing, or watch a video tutorial on it.

Before you know it, you will be changing your own oil like an auto mechanic. Just make sure that you do the proper research, especially on frequency of oil change and how-to guides of it.

Car maintenance does not have to kill your wallet. Just follow these tips and you will save hundreds a year, while spending more time cruising with your faithful companion.

Rent a Car Tips

Rent a Car Tips

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We collaborate with Government Institution for accommodation and transportation for foreign delegations and VIP guests. Our company offers transportation services and hotel accommodation for the members of the official delegations, as well as arranging seminars, conferences and congresses.

  • We can help you get your visa and all other traveling documents you need to travel to foreign countries
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ABC Rent a Car Tours” has a successful collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Affairs, the Office of the Prime Minister and the President, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Defense, and many other agencies.

Many foreign embassies and consulates in Skopje love to work with our company.Some of our most loyal clients are: the Embassy of Israel,Embassy of United States of America, embassy of Germany, Embassy of Republic of Slovenia, Embassy of Croatia, the Office for connection of the Greek Republic and etc.

ABC Rent a Car Tours” also has a licence “A”, a licence that allows us to organize events and arrangements outside the territory of Republic of Macedonia. We also have an amazing souvenir shop, located opposite the reception desk of the “Holiday Inn” Hotel. Our shop offers all sorts of souvenirs, the original “Ohrid pearl”, magazines etc.

ABC Rent a Car Tours” is located within the premises of hotel “Holiday Inn” in Skopje. We’re ready to make you a happy client and add you to our list of customers.

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Most Common Types of Auto Repair for Your Car

As a car owner, you need to know how to be responsible for your vehicle. Just because you have a car of your own doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. You need to know that car owners throughout the world are responsible individuals in the sense that they do not mindlessly drive their cars around. Because of this, you also need to know some of the basics that each car owner is expected to know. This way, your car can last a long period of time and you won’t have to worry about its condition when you’re out driving it.

One of the things you need to know about your car is how you can properly take care of it. A general rule is that you have to be aware of the common car trouble that you might encounter. When you do, you’ll be able to fix your car in no time. If you are still wondering what car troubles you can expect, here are a few of the common ones:

Tire Repairs

When you drive your car, your tires are the ones that come in contact with the road. And depending on where you drive your car, your tires may suffer from the impact the most. Especially if you tend to drive your car in a bumpy, rocky road, you’ll encounter some tire trouble in the future. This is why it is always good to know how you can repair and even care for your tires.

Before you drive, you need to check if your tires have the right amount of air in them. Also, you need to check that they don’t have any holes. When you do this, you’ll be able to avoid any unwanted problems with your tires as you drive throughout the day. Otherwise, you’ll need to be prepared with some knowledge on how to fix your tires.

If you happen to encounter a flat tire, it is also good to have an idea on how you can change your tires. Since you’ll have a spare tire in your trunk, you’ll be able to address this issue right away. All you need is some knowledge on how you can take care of this problem. When you do, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Oil Change

Another thing you need to know about your car is how to change the oil. This is something you need to pay attention to every six months or so. In order for your car to be on its best performance, you need to be diligent enough to have the oils changed. The best way you can do this is by bringing your car to a mechanic. Once you do this, you’ll be able to avoid any unwanted issues that may arise if you don’t know how to change the oil on your own. At the same time, your car will be up and running like it was brand new.

Battery Monitoring

Your car’s batteries have a lifetime of between 3-5 years. This is why it is always a good idea to be aware of when your last changed your car’s battery. Otherwise, your car may suddenly die on you. When this happens, you won’t be able to operate your car anymore unless you change it. While you can change your car’s battery on your own, it is best to have a specialist do so. This way, you won’t have any trouble in doing something wrong with your car’s battery. Just remember to prepare some money since car batteries don’t really come cheap.

Electrical Problems

Nowadays, cars have become so technical and modern that it’s hard to know how to fix it directly. Especially if you encounter a problem related to your car’s electrical wiring, you may have a difficult time taking care of it on your own. In fact, it is highly recommended that you have a specialist take care of this and not attempt to do it on your own. The common electrical problems you may encounter with your car include a blown fuse, busted headlights or taillights.

Fuel System Problems

Other common problems you may have with your car include its fuel system. If you think that it is damaged or clogged, it may be time for you to have a specialist look into your car. This way, you’ll know for sure that the problem can be taken care of immediately. At the same time, you won’t encounter further problems if you attempt to fix it on your own.

There are plenty of other car problems that may arise anytime. This is why it is always best to have a reliable car mechanic who can help you take care of these issues in no time. Once you have a mechanic you can trust, you can be assured that the problem will be fixed properly.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.

Car Restoration Project Lost Momentum? 6 Reasons to Complete Finish the Dream

Taking the initiative to restore your car is a big deal. There’s a lot of time that goes into the process. Not to mention, there’s a great deal of money that goes toward it. This is why there needs to be some reason why you want to proceed with a project that entails you spending all this time and money.

1. Because You Want to!

This should be the most important reason to restore an old car. If you decide you want to take that old car, use one of the spray booths, change the engine and anything else you want to do to restore it, make sure it’s truly something you want to do. Make sure it’s something that’s going to be enjoyable for you, and something that you’ll be proud of when you’re finished.

2. For Shows

If you’re one of the people who enjoy showing off to your friends or want to take the vehicle to car shows, by all means, go ahead and put your vintage car in a paint booth and give it a shiny exterior. However, make sure you do you research and make sure that your car is actually one people want to see. In some cases, your car might be old, but it’s not rare enough for people to be interested in seeing it.

3. Sentimental Valu

If you’re going to restore an automobile, make sure there’s some reason behind such as it has sentimental value before you place it in a paint booth. Maybe the car is where you got your first kiss or just your first car. If it holds some kind of sentimental value, it’s worth repairing and placing a fresh coat of paint on it if it’s going to bring back memories.

4. You Financially Can Afford It

If you can afford it and it’s something appealing to you, then you may want to restore it. However, don’t ever restore a vehicle if it’s going to cause a large dent in your savings, especially if you’re looking into buying one of the spray booths on the market. It won’t be worth it in the end, no matter how much you want to make the car you kept through all these years look new.

5. You’re Not Trying to Make Money

Don’t start the restoration process thinking you’re going to make money by restoring an old car and selling it. This isn’t an easy money making scheme. It takes a great deal of time and money to restore a vehicle. Oftentimes, it takes more of an investment to restore the car than the money you would make from selling the car. Sometimes, you think it’s going to be a cheap project, but then you get further into the project and need more materials than you expected. This would hurt your profit, especially in terms of what you thought you would get out of it. Not to mention, the car might not sell right away or even at all, so then you lost the money you invested and are stuck with a car you didn’t even want.

6. Learning to Work on a Car

A great reason to restore a car is because you want to learn to restore a car and gain practice at it. How can you expect to become knowledgeable or skilled at the process if you never try it? You may want to make your first project a cheap car and try ways to cut corners to make the process even cheaper.

When you’re deciding if you should restore that vehicle that’s been sitting in your garage, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration. Keep in mind that none of them should deal with trying to make a profit. While any old car deserves to be restored, you should only do it if it is something that is enjoyable to you.

How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

There’s nothing better than driving a brand spanking new car. It is spic-and-span, it is shiny, the wheels are perfectly polished and it even smells divine. However, after a few months, your brand new car stats to look dirty and dingy and that new car smell starts to fade away.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just accept the fact that your car is no longer brand new; with the following tips, along with quality car service, you can be sure that your car will stay in ship-shape.

  • Wash it regularly. All of that dirt and debris you pick up while you’re driving will eventually make the exterior of your car look dull and dingy. Wash it at least once a week to keep it squeaky clean.
  • Clean the interior. At least once a week, give the inside of your car a good vacuuming and make sure to wipe down the surfaces, including the dashboard, the panels and all other surfaces.
  • Wax it. To keep the exterior looking super clean, give it a good polish after you wash it. This will keep the paint in great condition and keep your car looking amazing.