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Best SUV

Estate cars used to be the necessary but uncomfortably large solution to family life. While the SUV has largely taken that place in recent years, estates are coming back into favour in more compact and practical form. There are a number of smaller estates currently on the market that offer bags of cargo space for sports kit, dogs, summer-holiday luggage and all sorts of other gear, combined with easy parking and the pleasant driving dynamics of a smaller car and one can easily find new car discount which suits their requirement. Here are some new cars from the small-estate sector.

Honda Civic Tourer

An immensely practical and spacious choice, the Civic Tourer boasts 660 litres of boot space, going up to 1,668 litres with the rear seats folded down. The unusual styling won’t please everyone, and there’s a limited engine range on offer, but it’s great value for money and a surprisingly good drive.

Peugeot 308 SW

An extended version of the smart and comfortable 308 hatchback, the SW’s boot can hold 610 litres with the seats up or 1,660 litres with the seats folded down. The cabin is elegant and well equipped, and the engine range is efficient and willing. For a car with a longer wheelbase the drive is still quite entertaining. A good all-rounder.

Volkswagen Golf Estate

It’s the most popular hatchback in the world, and the estate version of the mighty Golf is even more practical. With a large boot and a comfortable cabin, the Golf is fairly expensive to buy but cheap to run. Equipment levels are not as generous as some other cars on this list, but the drive is sophisticated and residual values are strong.

Seat Leon ST

The ST is as smart and rewarding to drive as the hatchback version of the Leon and comes with an economical engine range – even if the boot is less spacious than some of the others on the list. However, it boasts agile handling, plenty of standard kit and a comfortable cabin for small families.

Dacia Logan MCV

The budget choice is all about the function rather than the form. It’s practical on a basic level and ideal for cheap, no-frills transport. You’ll get plenty of space and reliability, with a competent if unexciting drive. Avoid the entry-level models and go for a higher specification for a bit more comfort and some extra poke under the bonnet.

Skoda Fabia Estate

The Octavia and Superb estates are some of the best on the market, so the Fabia has some good examples to follow. It’s refined and very well built and available at a very good price. As Skoda is part of the VW Group, you can expect reliability and a smart drive, while the Fabia is also economical to run and has a well-appointed cabin.

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer

Rear seats which fold down at the touch of a button are a very welcome touch in the Astra, which is one of the most comfortable small estates on the market. It’s not a glamorous choice, and performance is rather staid, but there’s a lot of car for the money here and plenty of cabin space.

Best Car DVD Players for Your Family Entertainment

car dvd players

As we all know, many families nowadays are using many kinds of entertainment systems for their car. That is because some people just treat their car as their second home where they have to feel comfortable enough, especially if the car is used for the whole family with some kids. If you are looking for the best entertainment system for your car, then the car-dvd-players can be one of the best that you can try. Basically, the DVD player for your car is not that best for the entertainment, but at least this kind of entertainment can be considered as the easiest one that you can have for the car. As an addition to that, you can also find so many different systems and functions that you can get from the DVD players nowadays. Therefore, you will not need to worry about anything when you are choosing the DVD system for your car entertainment system.

 car dvd player

Unfortunately, finding the best DVD player with all of those functions is not as easy as you think. That is because nowadays you can find a lot of players with different details and specifications. Some of them can be considered as the lowest end and some others can be considered as the highest end. Therefore, you will need to find the best that you need.

If you still cannot find the best that you need, then you might want to look for some of the DVD players for your car from, you can visit here. From that site, you will be able to pick some DVD players that you might need for your car entertainment system. That is because the site offers you a lot of options for the players that you need for your family car. For example, you can pick some different sizes for the screen starting from 7 inches to 10 inches. As an addition to that, some of those DVD players have supported some additional languages such as the Arabic, the Russian, the German, the Turkish, and some others. Therefore, you just need to search the kind of DVD players that you really need.

car dvd

However, one of the best things that they offer is the price. For your additional information, they offer a lot of DVD players from many brands for many type of cars with the best price that they can give. You can search for the cheapest of about 100-dollar players for your car to one of the best 300-dollar players. Therefore, for those who think that they money is considerably limited for buying the DVD player for the main entertainment system in the car, then you will not need to worry about anything anymore. You can pick one based on the budget that you have.

For your final consideration, all of their products can be considered as the best of them. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the quality. Or else, you can simply check the details and specification of the DVD player that you want first before buying the player for your car.

The Benefits of Getting a Chauffeur Service Abu Dhabi

chauffeur service Abu Dhabi A quality chauffeur service Abu Dhabi for anyone that needs a bit of luxury and sophistication is the best way to travel.

If you’re looking for quality limo hire, attention to detail and an experienced chauffeur, you know that it’s important to dedicate some time to finding the right service.

Look for a chauffeur service Abu Dhabi customers have grown to trust over the years. All that you have to do is look for information online and ask a few questions. The condition of the cars and the experience of the drivers will both be important.

chauffeur service in Abu Dhabi

The Benefits of Limo Hire

Why should you opt for a chauffeur and limo service? Apart from being a stylish and sophisticated way to travel around town, a limousine hire will enable you to experience a range of additional benefits:

  • Reliable transportation: you’re choosing a professional driver that will make sure you reach your destination within the specified timeframe. The trip is going to be safe, quick and enjoyable.
  • Quick transportation: the drivers are familiar with the urban settings and they know which route will enable you to get from point A to point B in the fastest manner.
  • Luxury and sophistication: let’s face it – if you like to commute in style, a limousine is the ultimate pick for you.

Some people worry that a chauffeur service is way too expensive for the common person but this isn’t the case. Whether you’re going to Dubai for a few days, for a business trip or a special celebration, it’s possible to find a good option that isn’t going to cost you a fortune.

Need to learn a bit more about a limo hire in Abu Dhabi? Not certain how to get started with the research? Visit to find out more.

How to Find a Good Car

One of the biggest dilemmas that occurs every 3-4 years to all people is the choice of a new car. Manufacturers annually release new models. Nevertheless, the old versions of some models experienced a restyling and cosmetic changes annually. Among the hundreds of thousands of cars is very difficult to choose. In this article I will try to help you with the choice of your new favorite on four wheels ..

How to Find a Good Car

So when we started with the election of a new car, first we have to define for what purpose you will use it. If you just go to work every day some 2-3 kilometers and a bit to drive around the city for you is an easy choice: you need a sports car. If you are young, you love fast cars and you love to see you in a good car, you will choose the two-seater sports. If you are a person concerned about the environment and increasing pollution, your logical choice would be a hybrid car or an electric car. If you are concerned about the high consumption of fossil fuels, you will select a car with a fuel cell, there are already several in the market. Until now, everything was easy, because we sort cars towards preferences of the users.

Finally, we reach profiled people, who prefer more serious vehicles. These are middle aged, who like big and powerful cars. On the other hand, these cars can drive even offroad, but also have strong engines. You guessed it – a special group of vehicles are the SUVs. These vehicles are now by far the best-selling car segment. It is estimated that by 2025 SUVs will occupy almost half of the market. Therefore, competition is extremely fierce in this segment. It is estimated that SUV sales growth in China over 25% annually. So it is a very profitable automotive niche. Currently, there are several hundreds of SUVs. However, one manufacturer and one model in particular stand out. This is a new Bentley Bentayga model. Bentley has long been famous for his design and elegance of their vehicles. Their SUV is a great combination of charisma, reduced lines, raw power and elegance. It is a vehicle that provides a great convenience, but also a sense of power. Although quite large, the model has great agility and speed. In addition to its good looks, Bentayga is an extremely safe vehicle. It has all the most modern systems for warning of collision with another vehicle, as well as a multitude of airbags.

Another vehicle that will appeal to all lovers of fast cars is the Chevy K5 Blazer. This car has a great engine, delivering over 350hp. Having used the latest lightweight alloys, Blazer is lighter than similar cars. In combination with a powerful engine, this car is unmatchable in its segment. The new model has LED lights, redesigned bumper and added chrome details. All this affects the increasing popularity of this model.

We hope that we assist you in choosing your new car. Thinking about a new car should be a nice event in life and not trauma, what is for many people who can not opt for a new model.

Replica Watches: Leading in Quality

You may be attracted by the spark of original watches. However, you don’t really realize the differences between the one priced $2,000 and the other priced $200. It is true that watches priced $2,000 only sell exclusive brand name and lifetime guarantee, while the quality isn’t far from what the watches priced $200 can perform. Replica Watches concern about the product quality.

This is the reason why you don’t have to spend too much on the original watch. While the prices are still varied based on the replication level you want to earn, the watches will still be way affordable compared to those branded watches. You may wonder how it all could be, but trust us, you can buy Swiss Replica Watches in A+ class with similar and competitive quality with the original and branded watches.

Breitling replica may the first you want to see as it’s also popular among people. The models available are such as Breitling for Bentley Motors, Breilting for Bentley GT and Breitling for Bentley. The prices range from <$400.00 to $499.00 excluded the batteries. With a half money you’re about to spend on the original one, you can grab the Breilting replica watch and enjoy the Swiss-made quality. Go, check the website out!