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5 Excellent Tips for People Shipping Their Car

international car shipping

Moving overseas? Need to find a good way to get your vehicle to your new home? Well, you are not alone and there are both great ways to make this happen and some not-so great ways. It is very important to do your due diligence when finding the best way to ship your belongings overseas. Like many industries, not all companies provide the same level of service. Your best friend in all of this will be yourself and you owe it to yourself to do your research. Here’s a few tips that can help you out with this.

1. Scour the Internet and Compare Prices

I’m an online geek and I love to researching for information and comparison shopping. Even if I’m shopping for socks, I’ll look at various websites for pricing. It takes me about 30 seconds to type in a search, open several websites in different tabs and start comparing. When it comes to transport companies, you can easily do this. Simply type in something like “car shipping companies” and you’ll get a ton of options. Spend some time looking over each site and when you’ve narrowed down the sites you are interested in, simply give them a call or fill out their contact form.

2. Check out the reviews

Most reputable international car shipping companies will have some reviews online. Whether it is with a site like Yelp or Manta, you are bound to find some reviews from previous customers. Although not all people who leave reviews about companies are legit, if you find an overall theme (either good or bad) with the types of reviews you are reading, you can put a bit of “stock” into what you are reading. This is just another area in your research to make note of before you make your decision. When comparing quotes, you should evaluate auto carriers based on their experience, licensing, authority and insurance. Legal haulers are required to be registered with the Department of Transportation and have valid Motor Carrier authority. Google, the Better Business Bureau and uShip are great resources for feedback from previous customers.

3. Understand the Shipping Company’s Liability

It is very important to understand each company’s limit of liability – including deductibles. The coverage amount will vary for carriers. Some carriers will provide coverage in the 50K – 100K range while others will go upwards of 200K. Accidents happen and it is good to know how much is covered before you go into an agreement with any shipping company.

4. Understand How Your Car is Secured During Transport

Do you want your beautiful vintage car fully enclosed in a trailer during transport or are you okay with it being exposed to the elements. You may want to “pay up” to ensure your vehicle is shipped in a fully enclosed container that is not exposed to the outside weather.

5. Inspect Your Car Before You Ship It

This is very important! After you have found the right company for you and you feel comfortable letting them ship your vehicle, you still are not done. Do yourself a favor and take pictures (or even video) of your car before you hand it over. You never truly know what will happen during transport and it is a very good idea that you have a visual record of your car’s condition before it is shipped. This is a great way to cover your basis in case something does happen to your car during transport.

Design of new Toyota Supra

  Design of new Toyota SupraWhen saying the name Toyota Supra, one immediately thinks design, sporty car, good looks. Well the car that made its debut a long time ago has only started to get its acclaims in 1993. It was the first time when the car was mentioned amongst or said that it could compete against some of the major vehicles in the division. The powerhouse that was the design back then revolutionized the brand and brought it close to greatness and brought it the status of being one of the all-time greats.

So back then the changes which made the car included an all new aerodynamic exterior design has much sportier features than the previous car in the line. The sharp edges and the ridiculous pop-up headlamps where thrown out the window and a new curve and smoother look was brought in that was not just good looking but it also gave the car more speed as it was lighter than before and had better aerodynamic properties. Additionally, by losing around 200 pounds the car gained better performance, which some of the fans were actually worried about back them. They thought that with the new friendlier design the car was actually going to be brought back as a drive friendly car, while the actual truth was that Toyota introduced one of its future super cars and best designs of the franchise.

Toyota reams firm with the designing and the development of its new model Supra vehicles, so that is why a new 2016 model Supra is in the making and will get to be released further this year. A car which was a ground breaking achievement in the past will get to see its revamp in the form of a 2016 model.

Design of new Toyota Supra back

The first news about the Supra vehicle for the 2016 year came through a concept model, which was dubbed the FT-1 concept car. It immediately showcased its potential and portrayed some fine craftsmanship. Some additions like the two air intakes right at the front bumper which comes paired with the two ventilation fans while the entire back bumper actually houses the exhaust for the vehicle. These are only the few mentioned updates that the car has been given and people immediately noticed the potential that the vehicle brings. But actually it was immediately known that this may only end up to be a concept model. The flashiness of the car and the details that have been added look beautiful, extravagant and cool but are some details that are less likely to end up on a production model. But the design did not go to waste.

Quite recently the new Toyota Supra for the 2016 year has been announced and will get to be released somewhere at the end of this year. The thing about the car is that it is going to use the design that was introduced in the FT-1 car, but in fact as it was immediately perceived, there is not going to be an entire crossover of the whole exterior to the Supra model, but some fine details are going to be used. The FT-1 looks cool, we have to agree on that but not a lot of it is production friendly and it looks too much futuristic for some people’s taste. What the bottom line is that the new Supra is going to get rid of all the formula 1detaislt that the concept car had and exchange it for some fine moldings and crafting. The shape of the Supra is going to be more traditional but it will sport a modern body with a low profile. It remains a two seater as it always was and this will also greatly determine the design.

Design of new Toyota Supra side

All in all, the design of the newest 2016 Toyota Supra will remain as extravagant as ever. The legendary vehicle is bound to make a comeback and it will be something legendary for sure. There are different talks on how the car will actually get to look like but we cannot know for sure what the final product will be until the official release. What we know for use is that the FT-1 is going to be the basis for the car but not in so much sense as people have anticipated at first. We are eagerly awaiting to see how the final product of the new Supra will look and how it fairs in the market but our hopes are high as we are awaiting to see the legend come back once more.

How to Get Your Personalized Number Plate

From auctions to online sellers, there are plenty of opportunities to get the plate you want if you’re willing to go on the hunt, be patient, and be ready to buy.

DVLA Auctions

The best-known source for DVLA number plates is the regular DVLA auction, which has been known to raise quite a sum of money.  The most expensive plate ever purchased at a DVLA plate auction was the combination “25 O”, a reference to a classic Ferrari model. The plate landed in the hands of Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014 for the tidy sum of £518,000.

According to DVLA estimates, more than £2 billion in revenue has been brought in over the past 25 years as a result of these auctions.

Because these auctions are so well known, they tend to attract many bidders, so you can expect to face competition that can get fierce at times.  Popular plates can quickly rise into the tens of thousands of pounds.

Keep in mind that with auctions come auction fees.  These include an 8% Auctioneer’s Buyer’s Premium, VAT, and an £80 Assignment Fee.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are a great source of collectibles such as personalised DVLA plates.  Carrying a little less intensity and stress to the purchase, online auctions are a good option for those that would rather make their purchase from the comfort of their computer.

Naturally, as these sites are global and visited by millions of people, the competition online for these plates can be even larger.  Depending on the plate, the greater competition can very well result in a higher selling price.

Online auctions also come with some risk, as fraud can and does happen on these sites.

Private Sellers

Due to the aforementioned downsides and risks of in-person or online auctions, often the best option is to purchase a personalised plate from a private seller or a number plate dealer. The Private Plate Company offers thousands of different plates for sale, and plate hunters can browse the selection at their leisure with zero pressure.

Since there’s no auction with a site like this, the stress of making an instantaneous decision is removed and the risk of overspending is lessened.  Motorists can browse a selection of plates to find one that both appeals to their desires and fits their budget.

The other perk to buying privately is that there are no auction fees, allowing you to spend more on the plate without having to take into account what percentage on top of that will need to go towards fees.  Though not all companies do, the Private Plate Company even offers financing options, which can come in handy if you’re looking to spend a small fortune on just the right plate.

Because they also offer to help private parties sell their number plates, there is new stock and choices constantly available. With a little patience and a touch of luck, you can find the perfect private number plate for your vehicle, whether you know exactly what you want or are simply looking for something to catch your eye.