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Exploring the Historic Route 66 with a Car Rental in Kansas City

Exploring the Historic Route 66 with a Car Rental in Kansas City

According to the U.S Highway System, Route 66 is assumed to be the first highways to be built in North America. It also comes in many names including Will Rogers Highway and the Main Street of America. Developed in 1926, it was first a highway running from several states including Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona, among other states.

Why Visit Route 66

Despite being a highway that runs across various states in America, there are many reasons to visit Route 66 with a car rental in Kansas City. This part of Route 66 is known to pass just a little bit as it proceeds from Joplin and Miami, Oklahoma among others. It does stretch 13 miles inside Kansas City but the good news is that it’s among the few well-maintained parts of the route. The Kansas part of Route 66 also offers ethereal attractions which can be an exciting sight to behold for those who love to explore old, historical towns and structures. Here are some things you can see when you’re there:

  1. Eagle-Picher Plant

It is among the first sites that you should see when driving a car rental in Kansas City to Route 66. It is just next to the railroad tracks. It was a smelter which was once operational 45 years ago, specifically between 1912 and 1970. Galena was mined there locally and was used to produce zinc, lead and silver.

  1. The Long Viaduct

You will immediately see this one past the Eagle-Picher Plant. It is dated back to 1923 and it’s around 215 feet long.

  1. Old Galena Business District

There are three iconic old buildings where you should pull over to have a closer view. As of now, these buildings have been restored but they still deserve every visitor’s attention since it has not lost its original looks.

  1. The Old Kan-O-Tex Service Station

This is a service station which was once operation over 50 years ago. It has already been sold to some private individuals. There is a speculation that they want to open a snack bar. Another iconic attraction here is a dead vehicle which is believed to be a 1950s truck.

Finding Car Rental in Kansas City to Get You to Route 66

Well, now that you have known what you can view along Route 66 near Kansas City, what is next? It is about that time to find car rental in Kansas City which can take your there. The 13-mile route can be explored fully in just a single day, and thus, it’s having a rented vehicle is a wise plan. The great thing about taking care rental from is that you will be able to make endless stopovers without any doubt. This gives you chance to even learn more about Route 66 from the locals. You will also pay less for car rental in Kansas City since you won’t be using the service for many days unless you also want to tour other areas.

How Does the Cold Affect Your Car?

Don’t you just feel that there are some days your car doesn’t seem to be running as well as it did before? Especially if you usually drive your car in the morning, it can take a while before it warms up. This is particularly a common issue with car owners during the cold weather. Without you knowing it, the cold weather could actually be affecting your car. And even if you don’t feel cold, your car could already be experiencing something beyond what you could feel.

When the temperature drops, the chances of you being able to properly run your car also drops. This is why it is so important to know the common problems car owners experience during the winter season. Here are the common problems to look out for.

Dead Battery

During the cold weather, it is common for car batteries to die out. The best way for you to avoid this problem is to keep your car inside a garage so you can keep it in a relatively safe temperature. Doing this will also ensure that you can easily start your car in a subzero temperature. Another option is to have your battery tested, especially if you do not have a garage. When you do, you’ll already have an idea of how healthy your battery is to fight against the drop of the temperature.

Normally, a car battery can last up to three years and will be able to handle the cold weather. The only instance when your car will have trouble starting is with extreme cold temperatures, as this tends to pull voltage from the battery. The comfortable temperature for a battery is between 30 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below this range will cause problems on your vehicle.

Bad Spark Plug

During winter, your car’s spark plug could weaken. And when you have a bad spark plug, it could lead to a whole host of other problems. For one thing, it could result to a clogged filter or ignition component. When these things happen, your car may not start at all. During the cold season, you might need to perform a hard start on your car. This leads to a bad plug or wires, which can affect their performance. Before winter comes around, make sure that your car’s components are in top shape. This way, you can already prepare for the common problems that could happen to your car during the cold season.

Wiper-Related Problems

Most of the time, people belittle the importance of their wipers and washer solvents. In the cold weather, however, you have to remember to clean your windshield before you switch your wipers on. This is because a number of problems typically stem from the windshields being turned on without getting cleared first. If you tend to practice this, the blades on your wipers could tear apart and cause your wiper transmissions to break. This is also caused by extreme weather when it overpowers the freezing point of your car’s washer fluid. Remember, these things are just rubber. The pressure from snow, ice and slush are sure to break them. To avoid this, many usually tilt up their wipers when they know a snowstorm is coming.

Another ideal practice is to set your car’s heater and fan controls on defrost and high prior to switching off your vehicle at night. What this does is reduce the chances of encountering a broken switch and knob during extremely low temperatures.

Thickened Fluids

A common problem during the cold weather is that the fluids (oil, power steering, brake, transmission and antifreeze) tend to thicken. If the temperature gets cold, these fluids tend to thicken together. And when this happens, your car will have a difficult time in getting the fluids to run properly. Especially with your transmission fluid, this is something that needs to quickly flow. If your transmission fluid is too thick, it won’t be able to flow as well and could lead to your car having trouble functioning.

Under-inflated Tires

One thing you have to remember about the cold season is that they could affect your tire pressure. Most tires end up losing 1 psi for every 10 F temperature drop. This is why it is so important for you to keep checking your tire’s inflation as the temperature continues to drop. Once you fail to check your tire pressure, it could become under-inflated and will not perform as well. They could also lead to damage or failure, especially if you are driving in icy or snowy conditions. Not to mention, it could be dangerous for you to do so.

You can avoid this issue by opting for a new winter tire during the cold season. Never use summer tires when driving on winter roads. Knowing these five things could help make your driving experience during the winter season a more pleasant one.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.