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Some of the Benefits of Buying a Used Van

The choice between buying a new or used vehicle can be difficult. One of the positives of buying a used car is that you are going to get it for a much cheaper price, and, in some ways, it is better value for money. For instance, if you can’t stretch to the price of say a new Ford Transit van, where as you could always pop into your local Ford dealer and see what used Ford Transit vans for sale. In most cases used vans may well be still pretty new, say a few years old, but have the used vans will have already devalued due to having being used and have a certain amount of mileage on the speedometer.

Overall the condition will be good, plus backed up with the regular dealer vehicle checks and warranty. On top of this, you can usually haggle the price down a little, or part-exchange your old car so that you have to use less capital.

Perhaps the most obvious negative of buying a new car, then, is that cars devalue extremely quickly after being bought. A new vehicle can actually depreciate up to £5000 the second it is driven off the forecourt! Obviously, a new car is also going to cost more than a second-hand one of the same model, and this means that if you opt for a monthly payment plan it will be higher.

On the other hand, a new car or van comes with all the quality assurances of buying straight from the dealership. Firstly, you can customise your car right from the beginning, giving you much more control over the features of your new vehicle. Secondly, the safety features and equipment in a new car will be involve the latest and most up-to-date in safety technology, which may mean that you have more confidence and peace of mind than you would from buying a used vehicle.

In addition to the latest safety features, there is the added assurance of having a full manufacturer’s warrantee. This means that you will not need to worry about any faults with the car for a period of time, as they will be covered by the manufacturer’s insurance. Finally, if you buy a new car, you will be driving it from day one, and therefore knowing all of its history, as well as having the satisfaction of driving a brand new car.